EKLECTIK VENTURES, LLC, founded by Don Mahmood, is an investment managing company created for the purposes of raising capital and allocating investment funds into various diversified Eklectik Brand projects, including but not limited to Eklectik Genes Clothing, Eklectik Energy Drink, the Eklectik CashCard, Eklectik Window Fashions, Eklectik Publications, and Eklectik MotorSports.

Eklectik Ventures’ long term goal is to work on developing additional product lines and broaden its current list of products. EK Ventures plans to develop a new proprietary product and successfully place it in the marketplace every 18 months.  Our business philosophy is to evolve the Eklectik Brand into a complete lifestyle brand by becoming a healthy and successful company that is a prominent leader.

Eklectik Ventures would constantly serve to establish and re-establish the company’s brand.  Anything that Eklectik Ventures lends its name to: magazine, radio, television, event sponsorship, billboards, film – we would maintain the integrity of the brand. Through advertising, events, product placement, and press, the marketing efforts will be able to provide the consumer with a calculated and detailed insight into the brand and its accompanying lifestyle.

EKlectik has established itself as a brand in the marketplace through an effective and strong marketing strategy.  This has created and is continuing to create demand for our products directly from the consumers.