Eklectik Genes Clothing Company, Inc.: The most seasoned business venture under the Eklectik Brand has successfully been in existence for over 8 years.  The major advantage that EKGENES has over its competitors in the apparel industry is its vast relationships with its manufacturers.  The manufacturing and operations bases were solidified first in order to provide the highest quality products in the most cost efficient manner possible. Eklectik Genes promotes a concept of cultural diversity and lifestyle.

The Eklectik Foundation: Conceived by Don Mahmood in 2005, The Eklectik Foundation is the independent non-profit charitable organization of Eklectik Ventures. The Eklectik Foundation uses an entrepreneurial approach to unite individuals and businesses to raise awareness and funds to take on tough social and economical problems. The primary goals of the foundation are to make sustainable changes through economic development.

Eklectik Beverages, LLC: The Company is poised to be one of many successful business ventures under the established Eklectik Brand.  EKlectik Energy Drink, is a lightly carbonated, non-alcoholic energy drink, developed to rejuvenate a tired mind and/or body quickly.  Eklectik Energy Drink stimulates the body and mind, improves power, and increases levels of concentration, reaction speed and vigor without the “crash effect”.  The flavor of the EKlectik Energy Drink parallels that of the major energy drink companies, and offers a great taste that consumers are accustomed to, minus the unpleasant aftertaste of the many other energy drinks.  The Eklectik Energy Drink is manufactured in an FDA approved facility in the United States.

Eklectik Acceptance Group, LLC: A prepaid debit card product with a virtual bank account, bearing the MasterCard or Visa logos signifying their acceptance in more than 210 countries worldwide. Customers can use the Eklectik CashCard to buy products and services at any global establishments that accept MasterCard or Visa cards as a form of payment as well as cash withdrawals at ATMs. Customers enjoy the security and comfort of knowing that, in most cases, retail purchases can be replaced, repaired, or fully reimbursed.  Customers have the added convenience of direct depositing funds directly onto the Eklectik CashCard for immediate access.

Eklectik MotorSports: What started off as a simple hobby and then turned into a marketing tool for the Eklectik Genes Clothing Co., is now getting its own spotlight.  Currently the company is in the process of acquiring its own workshop facility in Atlanta, GA. Initially the focus will be on import tuner cars as well as service of other vehicles. EKlectik MotorSports plans to acquire vehicles that are in need of a little more than some “TLC”.   EKlectik MotorSports is putting together a team of highly qualified auto enthusiasts that will make up “Team EKlectik”, which will consist of body and engine work as well as performance.

Eklectik Window Fashions: What's your design style? The way you have your windows dressed can change "where" you live! Whether your design style is contemporary or traditional, classic or modern, Eklectik Window Fashions has you covered.  EK Blinds & Shutters offers a full line of custom window treatments including blinds, shades, shutters, woven woods, custom draperies, and more!  Our concept of "The Showroom Comes to You", makes the entire process so simple.

CS Limo Services:  CS Limo Services proudly extends it's contract shuttle and limousine services to all residents and companies in the Greater Atlanta Areas.  The mission of CS Limo Services is to provide the best quality of tranportation services at the lowest possible price while maintaining 100% customer satisfaction for an unforgettable limousine services experience.  CS Limo Services strives to establish a service expeience conducive to earning the trust and unconditional satisfaction of our clients. Our philosophy is based on providing customized services based on your specific requirements and needs.

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